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Quick and challenging word play. WordJuice is an absorbing word game in which you slide letter
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1 January 2008

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Since we started familiarizing ourselves with words in school, we have always examined the idea of creating words with random letters. At times we used to create something and often we used to make up gibberish and irrespective of what we created we still had so much fun. Crosswords too have been a hobby for many and forming legible words that have meaning does require a heightened mental state. In case you have been looking a game on the lines of typical crossword albeit more fun to play with then you should definitely look at WordJuice 1.07.0, a remarkable game that test your linguistic and analytical faculties. If that was not all, it explores an interesting concept, getting juice from the formed words which evidentially give more juice when they are longer.

When we start the WordJuice 1.07.0 application we can visualize an attractive interface that is likely go down well with kids. One can play the game in two different modes – arcade or strategy with the later designed to offer greater challenges. In both cases the amount of time you keep playing the game depends upon the amount of juice you are able to make. A key part of the game involves eliminating certain letters and multiple options are available in the game to achieve the same. While the game may appear a bit restricted for people used to complex crossword games, it still retains the edge to hold the attention of most beginners looking play their way through words.

WordJuice 1.07.0 game is most suited for kids and young adults looking to work on their vocabulary in a non tasking manner. The game receives a decent score of three rating points for its ease of play and potent concept, however it does need to look at adding advance options to extend its reach.

Publisher's description

WordJuice is an absorbing word game in which you slide letter tiles around a grid to form words. 'Word juice' is extracted from these words. Longer words make more juice! The game is powered by 'word juice' so the more juice you make the longer you play. The Arcade mode features various methods for eliminating those awkward letters. In the Strategy mode you play with specific sets of letters, allowing you to challenge friends and family. WordJuice features quick and challenging gameplay. Comes with free support and updates and a 30 day money back guarantee.
Version 1.07
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